“The Gloucester 50+ Centre for the past 15 years has been a source of enjoyment, activities and learning experience.

As a member I have played Bid Euchre and Darts to name a couple of the many activities available. Attending courses and guests lectures supplied me with a lot of important information.

I also felt it was very rewarding as a Board member and Volunteer to help keep the Centre a vital part of the Community.

It is a place where seniors feel supported, make friends and enjoy all the Centre has to offer.”


“I’m proud to be a member of the Gloucester 50+ Centre for 20 years. Our organization has given me not only a great social outlet but an opportunity to share my skills as a volunteer. It has been a two-way street as I have taken many courses on subjects that were on my bucket list. Thank you Gloucester 50+ Centre for being the friendly and proactive organization that you are.”

Ralph Scribner

After the recent death of a loved one, a friend invited me to step outside of my comfort zone and join the Gloucester 50+ Centre.

Joining the centre has brought me a whole new perspective on living life alone. From the first time I first walked though the doors, the staff were warm, informative and welcoming, the meals very tasty, the activities plentiful and the hospitality and friendliness catching.

I volunteered to help with the bazaar and not only did I have the best fun ever, again I met many wonderful people. Grandparents day was also another day to remember. The grandparents enjoyed their grandchildren while the kids had tons of activities, food and fun.

My circle of friends has grown just by talking and inviting, whom I thought were new members, to join us at our table. Truly, joining the 50+ Centre has taken away the loneliness and given me a new a purpose. I eagerly look forward to my visits.

Centre Member

“We enjoyed many activities there over the past year. My mum especially loved Nina’s core strength classes! She has now moved to a retirement residence, and I have moved just a few blocks from her place.

We will never forget the kindness of everyone at G50+. My mum was able to stay in her own home for another year and that would not have been possible without the fitness and social activities you provided.”


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